Carpe Noctem, Seize The Night.

Meet our newest apparel collection designed by BB Creative Director, Evan Chan, in collaboration with BB Graphic Designer, Mark Bijasa. While some unconsciously retire to the confines of nightfall, we choose to holdfast in our pursuit of limitless possibility. Engineered specifically with the Autumn season in mind, the 2018 Fantom Collection introduces our newest elements of design including military-grade watch caps, tiger camo prints, and our first-ever 2-piece tracksuit. AW18 introduces an entirely new aesthetic rendition of #StreetwearfortheStrong. Put simply, every piece of the Fantom Collection is meticulously crafted to exist and move as a singular, modular outfit. This one’s for the black sheep, for those who choose the road less traveled, for those who seize the night. Work while the competition sleeps, waste no time. The night has only just begun.

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