The 2019 Barbell Brigade Limitless Collection is inspired by the sunny summers of Southern California, warm ocean breezes, and endless sandy beaches. It’s no wonder why SoCal is a hot spot for Surf and Skate culture. As a brand, we’ve always existed at the intersection of fitness and street wear, so with the Limitless Collection, we paid homage to the 90’s heyday of skate culture. Who else is a fan of Vans, Stussy, and Air Walk like we were and still are?


The Limitless Collection features looser cuts and current street wear-conscious fitment in our tees. Graphics are bold but clean, simple lines. We’ve also added a couple of casual pocket tees to pair with your favorite Vans while you’re hanging at the beach. We topped it off with 3 dad hat colorways and 3 trucker hats in case you want to train but need to stay cool during the hot summer. For the early mornings and cooler nights, we’re offering two lightweight outer pieces, a zip hoodie with a classic white zipper and draw strings and a timeless black nylon windbreaker.


Based on our in-house mantra “from humility comes limitless possibility”, the purpose and design aesthetic of this collection is also meant to be Limitless. Every piece is designed to pair well with everything, from your favorite khaki chinos to your favorite 4-way stretch training shorts. (Don’t have a pair? Don’t worry we’re developing our own as we speak.) Don’t forget to go outside this Summer, enjoy the sun, train your ass off, and never forget to Dominate Humbly.

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