All Day - Long Sleeve Tee (Black)

Introducing the All Day - Long Sleeve Tee.  This super premium long sleeve WILL become a new staple in your wardrobe, with its bespoke lines, high-fidelity Barbell Brigade hits on the front and back, and 100% cotton fabric in just the right weight to wear anytime, anywhere.


Message from Bart 

Since having a kid, I’ve been going to Disneyland® a lot more often. Every time I’m there, I notice herds of people wearing a Disneyland®long sleeve, maybe even more so than the mouse ears! I couldn’t understand why they were so popular, so I had to buy one for myself to see what the hype was all about. Now I know.


I felt it was perfect for me to wear all day long! I get hot pretty easy but it was baggy enough to keep me cool.  I liked the long sleeves because it prevented me from getting sunburned like my usual Disneyland® trips, and after the sun set, I noticed there was still enough fabric to keep me warm from the Anaheim winds. The fit reminds me of the baggy shirts that Mike Tyson would wear in his old training videos. I thought to myself “a tee like this would be perfect for the gym!”


Introducing the All Day – Long Sleeve Tee. I kept the front clean and simple so it could be worn in casual settings, like at amusement parks lol. Paying homage to the ones I saw at Disneyland®.  Barbell Brigade is represented loudly and proudly on the back. If you’ve never worn one of these tees, I highly recommend getting one. It’s one of the most comfortable tees I’ve ever worn; I could even see myself sleeping in it.


  • Bart