BB - Performance Greens (Lemon Lime)

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In an ideal world, everyone would consume a diet packed with all the essential vitamins & minerals needed to keep their health in check every single day, but we all know realistically that isn't always the case. Especially when it comes to vegetables.

There are tremendous health benefits that come from only eating vegetables, but many people are either too busy, or just can't stand the taste of them. Maybe it was all those years of mom consistently nagging,"Eat your veggies!"But it turns out she was right. Most doctors, nutritionists, coaches & athletes recommend eating vegetables every day to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

This is why we created the Barbell Brigade Performance Greens. Specially formulated to improve your overall health and the way feel & perform by filling the gaps in your diet, we packed the all nutrients & benefits from Kale, Broccoli, Spinach, Spirulina, Chlorella, and Wheatgrass intoone scoop.

On top of all the super foods, we also includedS7(a low dosed, proprietary complex of 7 plant-based ingredients which helps deliver more oxygen & key nutrients to muscles during workouts) andDynamine(a compound found in many plants such as coffee beans, guarana & cocoa, which enhances mood and energy levels without the crash and jitters associated with caffeine) to really carry you through the whole day, each & every day you take it.

At Barbell Brigade Performance, we make products to specifically help athletes perform, but our Performance Greens Supplement is such a nutrient powerhouse, it's beneficial for everyone!We could all use more vegetables in our diet, and we made it a hell of a lot easier to get your daily dosage and more with our Performance Greens.