When you think Barbell Brigade, what usually comes to mind is the iconic Skull Logo. It’s the loud, recognizable brand champion.⁣

Hidden in the shadows is our BB logo. It’s the subtle, abstract Underdog. Although it does not get as much attention as its bigger brother, it’s used just as often - but it must work twice as hard to get the same recognition.⁣
The Underdog Collection is a reminder that to become the champion in our own lives, we must bet on ourselves.⁣ When the odds are stacked against us, we must be our own pillar of strength. When no one believes, we must believe. When obstacles appear, we must adapt and overcome. We are already pre-destined for victory. No one and nothing can take that from us.⁣

That is the mindset and advantage of the hungry Underdog. That is what Barbell Brigade represents. The Underdog Collection.

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