Lockdown - Workout (Phase II)

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This is a full body program. Each day you will be training multiple muscle groups. This allows you to train muscle groups multiple times a week, or at a higher frequency, which is better for overall fitness.  The program is split up by upper focused days, lower focused days, and a singular core focused day. This simply means the muscles on the top half of the body are all trained together, anterior and posterior (front and back), as well as all of the lower body both anterior and posterior) front and back), and the entirety of the mid section on the core day. Each workout has 6 movements a day with a combination of posterior and anterior focused movements.  It follows a simple liner progression, where each week we add something to make each week more difficult.

Progression is the basis for making progress with any fitness goal. This program is no exception, even though all the movements are body weight, each week the movements get a little bit more challenging.  We accomplish progression in this program few different ways. The first way we progress movements is by slowing down the tempo to increase time under tension, or the amount of time we force the muscles to produce force. Tempo is simple the amount of time it takes to perform a movement. For example, we start with doing tempo pushups with a tempo of 3 0 0, this progresses to a 4 1 0 tempo in week 4 . The tempo always follows the way the movement is performed. For example, with a push-up at a 4 1 0 tempo, you start by lowering yourself (the eccentric phase) for 4 seconds, pause for 1 second at the bottom, and then you push yourself back up (concentric phase) as fast powerfully as you can. The other way we progress in this program is by doing more reps. For example, with the push-up we start with 3 sets of 10 reps at a 3 0 0 tempo, and by week four we are aiming for 3x15 at a 41 0 tempo. Both reps and tempos increase to create more stimuli to challenge your body and cause change.

Going to Failure
A major key difference with this program (Phase II) and phase I, is that each exercise you are required to take one set to failure. The purpose of this is to try and make our Bodyweight training as effective as possible. Because we only have our bodyweight to provide resistance we cannot load our muscles with external resistance like weights. Because of this to make sure we utilize all our muscle fibers while performing an exercise we must take our muscles to “failure”. This means performing an exercise until your muscles give out. Keep in mind this always means maintaining the best form you can. If your form starts to breakdown you have reached technical failure and should stop because we don’t want to reinforce improper or inefficient movement patterns. Going to failure is difficult and will be uncomfortable! This is okay and necessary to make progress, also it is perfectly safe because the tempo of these movements is so slow. Make sure to push yourself each week with your failure sets !

Mobility and Warm Up
This program includes mobility and a dynamic warm up to perform before each workout. The mobility work is aimed at helping create better movement though full range of motion, and keeping you feeling good as we all are experiencing more sitting and less movement being stuck at home. The dynamic warm up is to ensure your heart rate is gradually elevated, our muscles are warmed, and our joints are prepared for the work to come. This puts us in a much better position to perform our best and avoid injuries.