BB - Mystery Duffel

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Who doesn’t like a good mystery?!

We know all of you have been waiting for the next Mystery Box and we're excited to bring it back, but not really...

Introducing the BB - Mystery Duffel

This time we dropped the Box and replaced it with a Bag, the Mystery Duffel bag!

Like each Mystery Box, the Mystery Duffel is a whole new creation, with different types of items, different amounts of items and have different total values, therefore they can be different in price or size.  This allows us to be as creative as we want to be and keep the Mystery fun and provide some really dope stuff! 

Each new Mystery Box, or Bag, will always be packed and valued at significantly more than the retail price and the Mystery Duffel is no different. 

But remember, these are limited; when they run out, they run out forever!  The next Mystery Box or Bag launch is just as much of a mystery... even to us.

What's Inside?

The possibilities of what’s inside are limitless.  They could have any combination of never-before-seen or released BB prototypes, or new gear, or classics, or accessories, or Mystery Box exclusives, or Guest Passes to the Barbell Brigade Gym, or BB Supplements, and who knows what else!?  No rules here.