BB - Whey Protein Isolate (Milk Chocolate)

The Barbell Brigade Performance Milk Chocolate Whey Protein makes fulfilling your daily protein requirements simply taste like drinking your childhood favorite, chocolate milk. It doesn't just taste amazing. We made sure to use the purest ingredients available: ultra-filtered whey protein isolate for a sugar-free, low-carb, low-fat, naturally sweetened formula that is also proudly free from fillers.

Enjoy with water or add to oatmeal, pancakes, shakes, or anywhere you could use an extra protein boost.

Protein is essential as an athlete — it functions as the building blocks of your muscles. Not consuming enough protein limits muscle growth, which holds you back from getting stronger & bigger and even when losing weight.

However, meeting your protein requirements from only whole foods can be difficult, especially if you’re occupied with work, school, or both. Whey Protein is a common supplement to help meet these requirements, but not all whey protein is made the same!

We all want delicious tasting whey protein, but the best tasting ones are usually high in fat and carbs... and having them together is typically the exact opposite of what you want. On the other hand, low-fat, low-carb proteins usually taste like cardboard, making it an uphill battle to down that serving everyday.

Our workaround? We used whey protein isolate instead of whey protein concentrate when we created this formula. Our whey protein isolate is both micro-filtered and ultra-filtered which results in a cleaner protein with less carbs, fat, cholesterol, and even lactose!

Made with 25g protein, 3g carbs, and less than 1g fat in each scoop, our Whey Protein formula is compatible with most diet choices, whether it's high fat/low carb or high carb/low fat. This phenomenal tasting protein will help you build lean muscle and strength without the extra calories to keep you on track with your health & fitness goals.

Nourish your body & muscles with a protein unlike any other on the market.

Who can benefit from taking Whey Protein?
  • Any athlete who wants to build muscle - powerlifters, bodybuilders, weightlifters, strongmen, cross-fitters, sprinters, football players, basketball players, baseball players, boxers, fighters, grapplers.
  • Anyone who wants to lose weight. If you want a sweet snack, it's better to consume 25g of protein than 25g of carbs and sugar!

Suggested Use:
  • Mix one scoop with 8 ounces of water post workout. Adjust amount of water for desired taste. Take one scoop daily. On rest days, take 1 scoop in the morning.