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Barbell Brigade

BB - Whey Protein Isolate (Brown Sugar Boba)

$ 52.00
Barbell Brigade Protein. Brown Sugar Boba Flavor. 

Premium, delicious protein.

Creamy, brown sugary, with a hint of tea flavor.

How It Works:

Your body needs protein to repair the muscle fibers that are broken down from exercise. That’s why consuming a protein that’s fast-absorbing and easily digestible is crucial to your fitness goals.

  • 25g of protein per serving with less than 1g of fat and carbs!
  • Each serving includes all 9 essential amino acids!
  • 30 servings per bottle.


  • Cross-Flow, Micro-Filtered and Ultra-Filtered.  We use a non-chemical, lower temperature process and our whey protein isolate is filtered three times! This yields a hyper-pure protein with less carbs, fat, cholesterol, and even lactose.
  • Because of the premium filtration process, we’re able to produce a fast-absorbing, easily digestible, and delicious protein that’s also low in fat, carbs, and lactose. Making our protein diet and lifestyle friendly for Keto, Lactose Intolerant, Low Carb, and much more!!
  • Stock up on our protein and never miss your daily protein requirement again!

    Servings: 30 Servings
    Servings: 30 Servings