Dry - Duffel Bag (Black)

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If you lift frequently, chances are all of your gear stinks; Knee sleeves, Wrist Wraps, Squat Shoes, especially that wet tee shirt you left in your bag overnight. Why does your gear smell so bad?, because it’s soaked in sweat and it never got a chance to dry; this creates the perfect environment for bacteria to multiply rapidly.

This is why we designed the BB Dry Duffel. It has over 180 degrees of mesh to allow air circulation while the bottom is protected by 100%-waterproof durable nylon. We’ve also added a separate stash pocket to keep your dry stuff away from your wet stuff.

We know this is a common problem that all athletes face; Fighters, Ballers, Swimmers, etc. If you train your ass off, you will have wet gear. Don’t be ashamed, be proud of the work you put in.

Whoever said their “shit don’t stink”, must have had a Barbell Brigade Dry Duffel…


Product Details

  • 27" L x 13" W x "13" D
  • Coated Mesh & Waterproof materials
  • Reinforced web strapping detail
  • Embroidered 'Barbell Brigade' on exterior side walls
  • Embossed pull tails attached to YKK hardware
  • BB woven label at main handle grip
  • BB print on detachable comfort shoulder strap
  • Interior stash compartment to separate shoes &/or soiled garments