BB - Mystery Box 02

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Who doesn’t like a good mystery?!

When we introduced Mystery Box 01, we had created it as a special fun project to be able to curate some dope items and deals into a single package, and weren't sure how it would be received, but we still thought we packed a ton of them.   Well, we were dead wrong, and that was apparent the moment we first announced it, and the interest grew from there. There were so many of you on the site the moment it launched that they sold out in SECONDS, leaving people speculating bots were at play, in reality, we just didn't have nearly enough for the thousands of you trying to get your hands on one.

Introducing the BB - Mystery Box 02

Originally slated for release this November, we want to take pre-orders now so those of you who like a good mystery to have a chance to play.  Keep in mind, as with all pre-orders, production won't start on all the gear inside until after we receive everyone's order, so please bear with us as it takes a couple months for production and everything to come in so we can pack each box.

Each Mystery Box is a whole new creation, with different types of items, different amounts of items and have different total values, therefore they can be different in price or size.  This allows us to be as creative as we want to be and keep the Mystery Box fun, provide some really dope stuff, and keep it a Mystery! 

Each new Mystery Box will always be packed and valued at many times the price and Mystery Box 02 is no different. 

What's Inside?

The possibilities of what’s inside are limitless.  They could have any combination of never-before-seen or released BB prototypes, or new gear, or classics, or accessories, or Mystery Box exclusives, or Guest Passes to the Barbell Brigade Gym, and who knows what else!?  No rules here.

These are final sale.

Estimated Delivery - November