Barbell Brigade

30 Day Jump Start - Training Program

$ 15.00
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30 days of workouts to jump start your fitness with 30 videos of training, tips, and tools to guide you through it — all at an affordable price.
The 30 Day Jump Start is a PDF that covers Program Principles, Training, Diet Guidelines, and even Supplement Recommendations. There will be a corresponding 30 Day Jump Start video series on Youtube that provides 30 days of content starting 3/1/21. It will consist of work out videos, compound lift tutorials, meal prep recipes, and other tools to help you with the journey!

30 Day Jump Start Includes:
  • A 10 page PDF file detailing the 30-day training program and principles
  • Mindset & Motivation Tools
  • Work Out Tips
  • Diet & Nutrition Guidelines
  • Free 30 day video series further explaining the program to support you on your journey (on Youtube starting 3/1/21)

  • An affordable introduction to the Barbell Brigade fitness system
  • Instruction from Barbell Brigade's Chief Creative Officer and Co-Founder, Bart Kwan
  • Program Principles (Diet & Nutrition, Mentality, Goals, Pre-Workout Preparation, Post-Workout Routine, Recovery & Mobility, and more) in addition to the workouts
  • The program is yours forever to refer back to if you need another Jump Start in the right direction