We're a 5,500 square foot facility with 16 squat racks, 11 benches, 6 deadlift platforms, and the most proven strength and bodybuilding equipment. Located in Downtown Los Angeles.


Join the Brigade: We have no membership contracts and no initiation fees. Your membership is the only fee you will be charged. To reward loyalty, we've created our Membership Loyalty Program. Every year, your membership will decrease by 10%, resulting in a FREE lifetime membership in 10 years. Currently, we have 4 members with free memberships for life!
If you have a bunch of friends, ask about our Referral Program. You can reduce your membership even further just by introducing friends!


General Membership: $125/month

Discounted Memberships:
Students & Teachers: $112.50/month
Emergency Services: $100/month
Military: $100/month
*Valid ID required for discounted memberships.

Guest Passes: One Day Guest Pass: $25
Five Day Guest Pass: $75
*Available online and in-store. If purchased online, you'll have to wait for a physical copy to be sent to you before use.

Address: 646 Gibbons Street Los Angeles, CA 90031
Phone: (323) 225-2251
Hours: 5am-12am (Midnight)

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