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Get Lean - Training Program

$ 45.00
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The Get Lean program is designed to help you optimally achieve fat loss by gaining strength, building muscle, and improving conditioning.

This is a 12-week program with 5 training days per week.
How it works:

We use the main barbell movements squat, bench, deadlift, and overhead press as the foundation of this program. These movements have been proven over decades to be critical to building strength, muscle, and burning fat.

This program utilizes a strategic combination of high intensity exercises to maximize the amount of fat burned. Weight training, body weight movements, cardiovascular training, and metabolic conditioning work outs, to name a few.

The 12 weeks are broken down into 4 phases with 3 weeks per phase. Each phase has its own subgoal linked in a strategic sequential order to help you ensure success and keep the work outs fun!
We developed 89 pages of programming and instructions to not only help achieve your weight loss goals but to elevate your fitness knowledge as well!
This is an intermediate level program. If you're newer to training or haven't trained in a long time, don't worry, we help guide you through every step of the way! Let's Get Lean together today!

The Get Lean Program Includes:
  • An 89-Page PDF outlining the Get Lean Program details
  • Goals
  • Program Philosophy
  • Diet & Nutrition Guidelines
  • Supplementation