Barbell Brigade

Off Duty - Slides (Black)

$ 39.00

Lifters take lifting very seriously. The PR that we hit can put us in a good mood for more than a week. The squat that we miss can haunt us for months. Lifting to us is more than a hobby. It’s a job.

The second our knee sleeves go on, we’re on duty. Our mindset changes. When we finish our pre-workout and put on our headphones, we're now plugged into a different world. A world where nothing else matters but us and the weights in front of us.

This mindset continues until the last rep of the last set of the last exercise. It’s not until we remove that last piece of training gear that we are finally Off Duty.

For all of our athletes who put in work day in and day out, we created a piece of gear dedicated to relaxing and recovering in. Made of tried and true durable materials to last just as long as the athlete's other gear does.

The Barbell Brigade Off Duty Slides.

Product Details:
  • Top Strap - Polyurethane. Durable, comfortable, and supportive.
  • Top Strap Lining - Velour. Soft and comfy for a fit.
  • Bottom - Injection EVA. Durable, flexible, and weatherproof.

 Attn: Due to sanitary concerns, this item is final sale.

Size: Men's 8/ Women's 9.5
Size: Men's 8/ Women's 9.5