BB - Strength Stack (Jamaica Punch)

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The Barbell Brigade Strength Stack is our unique, revolutionary supplementary approach to strength building and muscle gaining.

Your ability to build strength and gain muscle is limited by the amount of training volume your body can handle. If you can train harder, longer, and more frequently, you will get bigger, stronger, faster. That is what the Strength Stack aims to help you do.

We formulated this supplement with a blend of ingredients thought to help elevate your training capabilities by increasing ATP production, increasing blood flow & water volume to your muscles, decreasing lactic acid build up, and increasing your VO2 max, allowing you to push harder and longer than ever before.

First of all, what is Creatine?
Creatine is a naturally occurring substance in your body, produced by your liver, pancreas, and kidneys. Your body converts creatine to phosphocreatine and stores it in your muscles, where it's used for energy.

Supplementing with creatine is thought to improve strength, increase lean muscle mass, and help the muscles recover more quickly during exercise. It is known as the most effective, legal muscle building supplement available. However, your body loses about 1-2% of its own creatine everyday, which is why you need to consistently replenish that supply if you want your body to be optimum for building strength, gaining muscle, and training for sport.

What makes Strength Stack different from the other Creatine supplements out there?
We're took the highest quality, purest form of creatine on the market and combined it with 5 clinically proven ingredients to enhance the benefits.

Creapure® (pure creatine monohydrate)  is the most widely studied form of creatine that has proven to be safe and effective.

1.Fenugreek is thought to enhance the effects of creatine and help with absorption. Lower quality creatine is often not absorbed very well, so desired results from one serving is not achieved. You cannot just take more low quality creatine because it will upset your stomach. In a  clinical study, those who took Fenugreek with 3.5g creatine saw the same effects as those who took Glucose with 5g creatine, suggesting that the use of Fenugreek with creatine may be effective for enhancing creatine uptake while eliminating the need for excessive amounts of simple carbohydrates.

2.PeakO2® is an organic-certified combination of 6 adaptogenic mushrooms:
  • Cordyceps (Cordyceps militaris)
  • Reishi (Ganoderma lucidum)
  • King Trumpet (Pleurotus eryngii)
  • Shiitake (Lentinula edodes)
  • Lion’s Mane (Hericium erinaceus)
  • Turkey Tail (Trametes versicolor)
This combination helps  improve oxygen utilization and work capacity while decreasing lactate, helping athletes train longer and harder. A double blind study found that participants who took PeakO2® daily for 3 weeks saw an increase in VO2 max, time to exhaustion, ventilatory threshold, and peak power output compared to the placebo group.

3.RedNite® Beetroot is a nitrate standardized Beetroot concentrate powder with 25x times more nitrate & 10x more antioxidants than regular Beetroot. Studies have suggested that supplementing with Beetroot helps re-synthesize phosphocreatine levels which can reduce the amount of oxygen needed by muscles during physical activity, increasing stamina and enhancing resistance to fatigue.

4.Betaine Anhydrous is a naturally-occurring chemical in the body and is thought to be highly synergistic when taken with creatine.  Studies have suggested that not only does Betaine Anhydrous increase your body’s own production of creatine, it also helps with absorption.

5.HydroMax® is a highly-concentrated yet stable form of powdered glycerol that offers next-level hydration. At 65% free molecular glycerol, HydroMax® is easily absorbed and has been shown to help athletes store extra water, delaying the need for hydration. This also results in the higher fluid volume in the blood and tissues, increasing endurance and pump.

Who can benefit from Strength Stack?

Creatine isn’t just for powerlifters and fitness athletes! It's the perfect supplement for all sports that require repeated bursts of maximum power – such as basketball, football, martial arts, swimming, running, and more.

As we age, we can also benefit from taking creatine. In combination with moderate resistance training, creatine helps to stop the age related loss of muscle mass, strength and improves mental activity.

People on Keto.
Creatine is the most optimized when taken with carbohydrates, so those on a low-carb diet will not reap the full benefits of creatine. Fortunately, we've formulated our creatine with Fenugreek, allowing for maximum creatine absorption and utilization. Regardless of your carb intake, our Strength Stack strives to be the most enhanced form of creatine on the market.