BB - Multi-Vitamin

The Barbell Brigade Multi-Vitamin was meticulously crafted with a custom, innovative formula using over 100 Vitamins, Minerals, and Antioxidants that support the 4 pillars of Health: Brain, Heart, Gut, and Body. We're here to help you prioritize health by giving you the tools your body needs to run optimally while you focus on Dominating life and fitness PRs.

For Brain Health, our Multi-Vitamin uses key ingredients like NeuroFactor®, 5HTP, Lion’s Mane, and Reishi Mushrooms to help enhance cognitive function, aid with neuron repair, improve mood, regulate sleep, and keep your mind clear, focused, and feeling good so that you can fully apply yourself to every aspect of your daily life - from work and training to family and relaxation.

It goes without saying that your Heart Health is the most vital to your wellbeing, yet this pillar is, unfortunately, often the most ignored. This is exactly why we've included vitamins and minerals known to improve cardiovascular health such as Kelp, Chromium, and Vitamin K2, which is most present in animal organs and fermented foods that are consumed very little in the Western diet.

For Gut Health, proper digestion and nutrient absorption are key. As you age, you lose the necessary enzymes to digest and absorb nutrients properly. This means that even if you're eating the highest quality food, you’re actually only absorbing a fraction of the nutrients you’re consuming.

That's why we've added a blend of digestive enzymes along with additional vitamins like DigeSEB™, B Complex Vitamins, Kelp, and BioPerine® to help you get the most out of what you eat and potentially alleviate common digestive issues such as gas, bloating, diarrhea, heartburn, and constipation through improved nutrient absorption and breakdown.

  • DigeSEB™- A patented blend of digestive enzymes that helps you break down carbohydrates, proteins, and fats in the stomach while optimizing nutrient absorption.
  • B Complex Vitamins- Includes Vitamins B1 (thiamine), B2 (riboflavin), B3 (niacin), B5 (pantothenic acid), B6 (pyridoxine), B7 (biotin), B9 (folic acid), and B12 (cobalamin)to help promote proper digestion, regulate appetite, and break down carbohydrates, protein, fats, and alcohol to convert them to energy.
  • Kelp– In addition to being beneficial for the heart and body, Kelp can also aid with blocking fat absorption in the intestines.
  • BioPerine®– A patented extract obtained from black pepper fruits (Piper nigrum) that is used as a bioavailability enhancer to increase nutrient absorption and improve metabolism.

Overall Body Healthis the final pillar of health and our Multi-Vitamin's most important focus. From preserving eyesight to healthy bones and teeth development, proper hormone production, cardiovascular health, immune system maintenance, nerve function, to red blood cell growth, and even healthy skin and nails, we’ve included some of the most powerful vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, such as the full spectrum of B Complex Vitamins, Vitamins A, D, & E, Selenium, Copper, and Aquamin to reduce inflammation and battle free radicals which can lead to a host of diseases including diabetes, asthma, heart disease, Alzheimer’s, cancer, arthritis, and depression.

Who can benefit from taking Barbell Brigade Multi-Vitamins?

  • From essential workerswho have demanding jobs that often require them to work extended shifts to the modern busy person who wants to balance work, health, and relaxation at the same time - many people these days just don’t have time to get in regular meals with a wide variety of nutrients and will typically consume whatever is in front of them just to make the hunger go away. The Multi-Vitamin can help cover all Four Pillars of Health while you focus on your hustle.
  • As athletes,the demands we put on our bodies are so high, meeting the daily recommend nutrient values isn’t enough to perform at our best. Taking Multi-Vitamin can help ensure that your Brain, Heart, Gut, and Body health are covered so that you can focus on making gains and training your ass off.
  • Even if someone has constantly varied food sourcesfrom poultry and fish to wild game, and a wide variety of vegetables, there's always room for a little extra help in Brain, Heart, Gut, and Body health.